Your Calling

Before God destroyed the earth, he told Noah to build an ark. God provided everything to Noah, so that he could build this ark, although Noah did not have a promise of God. He didn’t give the promise to Noah, who had to live in the ark for a lot of time, but to Abraham. The one, whose parents served the enemy. God waited until Abraham’s father died and  then called him to become the father of many nations.

God also has a wonderful plan for your life.

Abraham didn’t even know that he’ll become the father of many nations. God told him: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” ( NIV, Gen 12.3 ) Now, we are the descendants of Abraham. Whoever blesses you will be blessed by God, whoever curses you will be cursed.   Let me tell you even if no one in your family ever was successful, you will be successful!

Everything seemed to so perfect for Abraham; the only problem in his life was Abraham’s weakness for his family: he was way  too attached to them.

When God told him to leave the country, Abraham wanted to bring Lot with him and all the people they had acquired before, but it didn’t work, because God is not a God of  weakness.


Abraham planned everything and told Lot: “Lot, I’ll bring you with me. If I die, then you’ll take my place.” But this was not God’s plan.

The calling Abraham has received from God was only meant for him. He couldn’t bring Lot with him, because Lot didn’t receive the calling Abraham received. That’s why God separated Lot from Abraham, because the calling Abraham has received from God was not meant for both of them. So he caused confusion between them and told Abraham: “It’s time to separate!”

Now, who’s the ‘Lot’ in your life? Who’s the person you tell everything to? Who’s the person you’re attached to? What keeps you, a child of God, from answering God’s calling?

Even your friends can be the ‘Lots’ in your life: you know that God’s calling you, you know what he’s done for you and you want to serve him, but you can’t do this while you’re attached to your friends. And believe me you won’t and can’t serve God and answer his calling, as long as you have friends who don’t know Christ and don’t live for him, because they won’t help you accomplish the mission God sent you on this earth for. And we all know that the bible says, that a bad circle of friends can change you into bad and make you lose the vision God has for you. But in the end it won’t be your friends who lost the game, but you, because God gave you a calling but you didn’t answer it.

Know that you’re a descendant of Abraham, a child of God with a calling. It’s time to separate from everything and everyone you’re attached to and receive the calling God gave to you.

Remember that the word of God can be be changed by man, but your calling can’t, because you are called by the one.