This is my story

I grew up in a christian family.


Although I knew God and I knew His word I lived a life full of distraction and sin.  The fact that I thought I’d know him made me live a life driven by my own – not by Gods desire.

The truth is: I called myself a christian, but I wasn’t one.

I even came to the point, where I’d know that I’m full of sin but didn’t even care about it, because I was so much used to live this life. God did not left me, I left him. I left him for anything the world would give.

But through all this time, God was still loving me.

It was in that time of His absence that I noticed how much I need him in my life. How much I need His love, what I’ve done to him when I nailed him to the cross, again and again by sinning every time. It was in this time that I recognized how much He loves me.

God is faithful, yeah He truly is! He did not just forgive all my sins, no. He changed me. He renewed me. He made me whole. He gave me peace,wisdom, freedom, safety,  love – a love which can’t be found on earth. An all-surpassing love. Oh, and sooo much joy!!!


Through my journey with Christ I learned so much lately and I want to share all this with you guys. But I pray that God may mostly use me to talk to you guys and change your life. I want to encourage all of you, especially the younger ones like me, to stand up for Christ. For in this world full of darkness and distraction we are the only one who can bring light into this world through the light God has put in our hearts. It’s time to stand up and answer God’s calling for your life! Receive the calling God has given to you. Answer it! But most importantly: learn how to stand up for Christ, because you are called by the one!

For real I am not perfect because I do sin and I am weak. I don’t even want to be called a ‘perfect’ by other people either.  I want us to be is called a ‘ powerful generation called and chosen by God.’