Finding + Fulfilling Your Purpose

(Me imagining myself being on a stage, thousands of people screaming and applauding)

‘This is my purpose!’, I thought.

‘I just need to do it like her, so I’m gonna become just as successful as her.’, I thought.

This was the way I used to think of my purpose. Everything I saw were those kinda ‘perfect’ celebrities, those with more than 100 thousand to 2 million subscribers on platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Those nearly everyone looks up to. I wanted to be like them.

The more I started to think like that, the more I got overwhelmed by this sneaky thoughts, making me believe that ‘I’m not perfect the way I am. God can’t and won’t use me like this… I have to become like them!’, that ‘I have to change and exactly be like them.’

”Everything got started in him and finds it’s purpose in him.” Colossians 1:16 (Msg)

The past few weeks I really struggled with (finding) my purpose. I wanted to know, no, I still wanna know what is my purpose. Because

I know, that my purpose isn’t the same like those celebrity’s. It isn’t the same like your’s and your purpose isn’t the same like mine.

Because only they can reach people and talk to them the way they do, only you can reach people and talk to them the way you do, only I can talk to you, the way I do. You are unique! There’s no one like you.

That was when I started asking myself what is it that God created me for? Where will I be in 10 years from now? Will I ever find my real purpose in Christ?

The truth is you can’t just look for it, the way you look for a job in the newspapers, it’s not like finding the right career, achieving your dreams or planning your life. But instead of letting God lead me I started to lead myself. I wanted to become like them instead of becoming the one God created me to be. I was so focused in the life of the people I looked up to, those people who weren’t Jesus Christ. The one who can’t just show me the path, but the one who IS the path. He created everyone of us and it’s only in him that we can truly find our purpose.

You were made for God himself and for His glory!

If you wanna find out about your purpose, you have to start with the one, who knows us best, the one who created us and therefore knows what you’re here for. Because

a creation can’t know by itself what it was made for. Only the creator himself can tell his creation what it was made for.

Only God knows what you’re here for. No one besides of God can tell you this. -Yes, everyone including me, BUT here are

5 Points to find + fulfill your Purpose

(by Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.)

1.) Passion:

if it’s truly your purpose then it definitely has to be your ‘burden’, something you can’t escape/runaway from, because whatever you do, wherever you go – you can’t stop thinking about it. You just have to plan and arrange what you can do about it because you just can’t but immediately do it.

2.) Possibilities:

God gives you the opportunity/ability through research and information to fulfill. If there’s no opportunity, you’re either not the right person or it’s not time.

3.) Provision:

God gave you the ressources to do it. A lot of people can’t succeed, although they feel as if God called them to do so, because didn’t properly plan and because they didn’t have adequate ressources. Don’t jump off what you’re doing until you got the ressources for the other thing.

4.) Player Haters: (my favorite)

God uses people to let you know that you’re headed in the right direction. They will talk about you and tell you it’s not going to work to make you not fulfill the purpose. I know they won’t always be easy to handle, but damn! When you get on the course of the purpose that God has assigned for your life, somebody’s going to player hate; and when this happens, know you’re definitely headed in the right direction.

5.) Partners:

God will raise up people to make it happen. When the time is right God gives you provision and partners. He’s gonna give you the opportunity, he’s gonna open doors, he’s gonna give you a passion, he’s gonna give you partners.

”But whatever you do, find the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated passion of your life, and find your way to say it and live for it and die for it. And you will make a difference that lasts.” -John Piper

No matter if you already found your purpose, if I helped you find it or if you didn’t find it yet, God knows your purpose. Turn to him and you’ll find it. He is the beginning and the end, but most importantly – He is the way. I hope this post could help you understand, the way it helped me understand, that our purpose is found in Christ alone.

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