How Satan uses Sex to destroy the (Christian) Youth

This topic’s been on my heart for so long and I thought I should share this with all those young Christians in my age who are in the dark about sex before marriage.

Yes, SEX! Sorry guys, but we gotta have ‘The Talk’ now… Nowadays, there’s nothing more normal, than having ‘safe sex’ that – as we will see – can only protect the body, but not the spirit.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but luckily I’ve never come so far to really start thinking about  having it, but I know that you might have come to this point – or even further, so here are a few important truths about how Satan uses Sex to destroy the (Christian) youth.

My goal is not to make someone feel bad or guilty etc., because I know some of you might already did something sexual.

God the buzzkiller ?

Sex is something wonderful, isn’t it?  I mean, there’s nothing comparable to this. So, why does God not want us to have it? In other words: Why does he come and just buzzkill it?

You know, you already did it but later on realized, that it was a sin, or you were there, already convinced by your boyfriend or girlfriend, just thought ”Okay, let’s do this”, you’ve already gotten ready, but then God just buzzkills the moment and makes you remember that ”You can’t do this because this is a sin”…. – Wow, what a buzzkiller!

What is his problem?

Why doesn’t he allow us to do this or just have fun?

The truth is that most (Christians) don’t know what the Bible means, when it comes to that topic and it says that

”Man and woman will be united, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.” ( NIV, Mark 10:7-8 )

This means ‘the two will become one’ is not just meant physically, but mostly spiritually.

Wait what?  What does she mean? 

– I mean, everything of them, really everything unites in this act. So, if, for example one of those two people has some kind of addiction, either if it’s a sexual addiction or something else, even addictions they for themselves don’t know that they have them, everything unites and becomes one. This spirit of sexual addiction, for example the spirit of being addicted to pornography that makes this person watch pornography every time, automatically gets transferred into the other person. And this happens every time with every person and every kind of addiction etc.

Sometimes we just see people and we just think ”Wow, he/she’s a christian, I am a christian, everything’s just fine.  Well, guess what! No, it isn’t, because here you  also don’t know the ‘real’ spiritual state of the other person. Being or calling yourself a christian doesn’t automatically set you free of every kind of addiction etc…

Here’s an example that might make it easier for you to understand:


Imagine that this two streets are two different people. This streets cross, they become one at a specific place – when they have sex ( the people ) – but all vehicles which usually drive on one this two streets also cross through this crossing and therefor get into the other street, not the street they usually drive on, but the other, the ‘new’ one and start driving on this street.

Or to make it clearer:  spiritual diseases and lust demons find a perfect way to cross over – through sex.

All of a sudden nothing in your life works anymore, in everything you do you start to fail or anything else. But the biggest problem is, that you deconnect yourself from God and connect with evil spirits.

Therefor God doesn’t allow us to have sex before marriage. And I think it becomes kinda tricky when it comes to the point of having a boy-/girlfriend. Because nowadays many people in our surroundings talk about it, because it became normal, but it’s up to us to let God lead us and live a holy life in union with a holy God, or to loose all of these points and gain spiritual disease and lust demons.

No matter what society or friends say, know who you are and who you’ve been created to be, because you are more than this. You are set apart.

You are called by the one.

PS: If you wanna ask me something or share your story, don’t hesitate to comment.


6 thoughts on “How Satan uses Sex to destroy the (Christian) Youth

  1. Was ist denn mit Homosexuellen? Ich meine, die können die kirchliche Ehe in dem Sinne nicht vollziehen. Dürfen die dann niemals Sex haben?


    1. Das ist eine sehr gute Frage, Anne.
      Im Endeffekt muss jeder selbst entscheiden, was er tut. Die Bibel sagt nicht, dass man gar keinen Sex haben darf, sondern (warnt uns davor) darauf zu achten, mit wem! Es ist wichtig, dass der Partner in dem Sinne der/die Ehepartner-/In ist, d.h. es ist möglich Sex auch außerhalb der vor der Kirche gültigen Ehe zu haben, (geistlich) aber nicht vorteilhaft. Kurz um, wie die Bibel auch sagt: “Alles ist erlaubt, aber nicht alles ist nützlich.”
      Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen.


  2. What would you say about people who use the excuse “it was God’s will for us to do it” even if it was before marriage. Also the way you said God doesn’t want us to have sex made it sound like He doesn’t want us to do it at ALL. Even after marriage. But God gave sex as a pleasure, it in scripture. But amazing article, couldnt have said it better myself.


    1. Well, I don’t wanna say anything wrong, but in my opinion based on the Scripture, I wouldn’t think that God ever allows us to have sex before marriage. If He said it in His word, why would He ever change His opinion? God’s word never changes. If He said it in the Scriptures, that’s how it’ll be forever.
      Oh no, that’s not how I wanted it to sound like. Of course it was made for marriage, not for the time before marriage. I also underlined the word ‘before marriage’ in like the first sentence I guess, but anyway, God Bless you Josh!
      I’m glad you liked it and I’m glad you grappled with it.
      Again, God Bless!


    1. Well, this is a really good question!
      As a christian I do love homosexual people, just like everyone else no matter what sexuality or religion they have.
      God never told us to not have sex at all, but He just warns us to be careful with whom whe have it – ( we should have it with our spouse! ). So it’s up to us to decide what to do, if a homosexual couple wants to have sex, then it’s up to them to decide. But God wants us to be careful…
      I hope I could help you Hannah! 😅


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