You Are Called

God knows you. He knew you even before you were born.

 He loves you and he’s calling you.


No matter who you are, if you’re good or bad, saved or not, sinner or forgiven, an infant in kindergarten or a pensioner in a nursing home, no matter where you live, what nationality you have, no matter how old you are: know that God’s calling you.
God wants you, even if you’re always in a bad mood and the only thing you can say is always something negative. No matter if you’re always in such a bad mood, that people can’t tell your face from Grumpy cat’s ( the cat with the permanently “grumpy” facial appearance, not to be confused with your permanently “grumpy” looking friend ), he still loves you. He still wants you. He’s still calling you.

Wait, before you grab your phone – I don’t mean that he’s calling you by phone, but I know that if you just take a little moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and forget everything around you, that’s when you can hear his voice.



Well, if you really could hear someone calling your name, then you better answer this call, because this might be your mom calling, and you know what it means when she’s calling…you’re in trouble!

If you thought, that closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and forgetting everything around you could really make you hear his voice, I’m sorry, but it won’t work.

God calls His children in many ways – but not by phone, as you already may noticed.

Here are three ways of how God calls His children that I’ve experienced in my own life:


1. The calling through the Bible:


God calls you directly through the Scripture. It’s like every time you read in the Scripture it’s like God’s straight up talking to you.

2. The calling through another person:

God calls you through people in your surroundings. Someone’s talking to you and the words the person’s speaking make you feel like if God’s talking to you.

Someone’s talking to you and the words the person’s speaking make you feel like if God’s speaking to you.


And last but not least:

3. The calling through your inner voice:

God calls you through your intuition. Sometimes you just get an idea, or you feel as if God wants you to do something ( Note: this calling is not just the last, but also the most dangerous one: know, that not every idea or calling you get is from God.                                                                   When in doubt, pray it out! God will definitely give you an answer.


Now that God loves you and chose you to participate in His splendor. Or as the book of 2.Thessalonians says:


“He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ”. ( 2. Thess. 2.14 )


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